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June 06 2017


5 Advantages of Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Therapy?

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) care is a progressive treatment that helps to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process. Since PRP uses your individual tissue to aid in healing, there'll stop complications arising from antibodies reacting. PRP seems to be beneficial in musculoskeletal treatments for your body in places including the knee, shoulders, spine and hip. This is a non-surgical treatment that carries a lower risk that conventional surgery.
Plasma Rich Platelet treatments are a non-surgical option meaning that the risk is quite low. Additionally, it uses the patient's own cells to help in the process of healing, reducing any chance of foreign antibodies reacting along with your defense mechanisms. PRP utilises blood made up of wide range of platelet cells which are filled with healing factors to speed up the repair rate and attract stem cells.
Short treatment time
The treatment also takes a much shorter treatment period as compared to other forms of treatment. It only takes typically one hour or two for the entire process. It can be performed within a low risk environment that doesn't require any downtime, meaning that you can go to your medical officer during your lunchtime and get back to work immediately after treatment. It doesn't require lengthy hospital stays as well as anaesthesia.

Minimal appointments with a medical expert
Multiple visits aren't necessary for PRP therapy. Typically, three injections will probably be administered within a period of 6 months and that is often all that's needed. Patients usually see relief after only two injections and every injection is spaced 21 days apart. This will reduce any requirement of troublesome followup visits to a medical expert.
Intended for everyone
PRP treatments are designed for everyone available. Even though it is mainly a therapy for musculoskeletal problems, it is usually performed on people who have a variety of problems including skin issues and also ageing. PRP therapy can be executed to reduce wrinkles, wrinkles and in many cases acne with reasonable results.
Little unwanted side effects
When compared with different kind of treatments, PRP therapy has almost no unwanted effects. The normal ones are bruising with the injection site that may disappear completely in a few days. There won't be any serious side effects on account of it as being a non-surgical procedure has a person's own cells are widely-used.
PRP therapy is a way that is truly worth trying before choosing surgery. Most sufferers recover right after rounds of PRP therapy with reasonable results. However, it's not cheap and not very proven. However, do consider PRP therapy as your last measure before turning to surgery since your final resort.
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